Mosquito Fleet Winery

established in 2009


                                  One of our early logos 2009 -2010

                                  One of our early logos 2009 -2010


Sometimes some of the greatest joys in life come in the form of surprises you never saw coming.  As when two couples met early in 2000 at a birthing class, developed a lifelong friendship and later a real estate investment company that eventually turned into....  a winery venture?  That's right!  That's how this all began.  Ten years and five kids later, Jacquie and Brian Petersen and Jacy and Scott Griffin continue to enjoy family, friendships, new challenges, and an ever-increasing passion for wine.

Welcome to Mosquito Fleet Winery, a place for wonderful hand crafted wines, a boatload of fun and a little bit of history mixed in with your experience.  Our wines are complex yet fruit forward and well balanced, delicately produced with a ‘New World’ approach and an ‘Old World’ passion.  I hope you enjoy our efforts and I sincerely thank you for your interest in Mosquito Fleet wines.